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Ph.D. Portfolio Items

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Goal Statement #1 was the original essay I submitted as consideration for my application to the PhD in Education program at George Mason University.

Goal Statement #2 is a written descriptions 3 – 5 pages in length that:

  • Details academic goals (specialization and supporting area of study)
  • Outlines research goals (problems, topics, theories, concepts, approaches, interests)
  • Explains professional goals

Goal Statement #3 is a synthesis of the previous goals statements and the integration of current and future plans.  This statement of professional and academic goals should be directly relevant to the student’s proposed program objectives.  This statement should go beyond generic statements of program competencies, and apply directly to the student’s personal aspirations.

Research Journey is a self-reflective description of previous and current research activities and accomplishments (including research conducted prior to entry into the PhD in Education program).  For each activity note the competence developed (e.g. literature review, conceptual analysis, theory development, data collection, instrument development, data collection, data analysis, research writing, technological applications, etc).

Scholarship Reflection is an essay with a pictorial representation outlining my journey from practitioner to scholar.  As a result of my first portfolio review, my committee asked me to develop an integrative essay that reflects my professional and research goals.  This includes reflection on my current and previous courses as well as the competencies developed or developing.  The essay outlines how my research and professional goals align as I progress through the program ultimately focusing on my final research question(s).

Analytical and Integrative Thinking is a an essay that compliments the demonstration of analytical and integrative learning with products displayed in the portfolio.  It should demonstrate the student has engaged in higher order, scholarly thinking that goes beyond attaining understandings required for individual courses.

(Text above adapted from the Portfolio Contents document distributed with the PhD in Education handbook).

Degree Plan highlights the progress I made on the PhD program and when I accomplished each required course.

Transcripts contains up-to-date transcripts for my coursework.

Pre-Proposal is the document that was reviewed during my final portfolio before I was granted the opportunity to enroll in the Proposal Class.